How To Make The Most Of Contemporary Desks For Kid

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How To Make The Most Of Contemporary Desks For Kid

It is very important for children to have contemporary desks that are ergonomic, attractive and also comfortable. They should be made of environmentally friendly materials, but in the same time they need to be durable and also safe.

When you are thinking about kids desks consider this: the majority of kids, especially the more active ones will get bored sitting in the same position, and so the desk should be adjustable according to their changing positions.

The height of the contemporary desks

It is just natural that the height of the desk and of the chair depends greatly on the height of the children in question. In case of the children in primary school the average height of the writing desk is of 45-48 cm.

If you would like to make sure that the kids desks are suitable for your child, you should check whether its height is at the same level as the diaphragm of the child when sitting. If it is so, then the distance between a book and the eye of the child is of about 30 cm. There are several different ways to make sure that the height of the contemporary desks is suitable.

Size matters

The needs regarding of the size in case of children depend on their age, the activity level and also the personal interests that he or she has. Usually it is enough to get a 60 cm by 120 cm desk for a young student.

Under the desk

In order to keep their feet comfortably under the kids desks, there is need for 45 cm by 50 cm space under the desk. According to pediatricians, all kids should have ergonomic chair designs to sit comfortably and to decrease the pressure on the back. If we are referring to contemporary desks with a horizontal table, teens can also have regular chairs.

The design

Since the kids are living in a modern era, the majority of the kids desks are made of two parts: one for the computer use and the other one used as a writing table. It is also good to have some storage space such as drawers or shelves.


Since light is a very important factor in case of the contemporary desks, the best place for them is near the window. In case you are looking for kids desks for right handed kids, the desk should get the light from the left side.